This information package tells you about SASHA operations and your rights and responsibilities as a client. If you have and questions, please talk with the staff.


Southern Alberta Self - Help Association (SASHA) is a non-profit community organization whose mission is to promote independence and community integration for adults with severe and/or persistent mental illness. Transitional and long-term supportive housing programs are person centered and strength based, with a focus on achieving improved quality of life and recovery outcomes. Services include supports for co-occurring addictions issues.

Service Agreement

You will sign a service agreement that describes the expectations while at SASHA. You should carefully read this document and discuss any questions with the staff before you sign.

Service Fees

You pay a fee to SASHA for the provision of support services, supervision, and accommodation, which is referred to as service fees. This is due on the first day of each month. You will be given three months’ notice of any rate increases. If you are asked to leave SASHA for concerns related to conduct before the end of the month there is no refund of service fees.

You are required to give one calendar month notice, on the first day of the month, of your intention to leave SASHA in writing - exceptions may be made in order to facilitate changing treatment options. Service fees include: food, local telephone calls, internet, utilities, and use of SASHA towels and bedding. You are required to have a source of income in place before you will be accepted at SASHA.


You will reside in a shared room within one of SASHA’s three residential homes with 6-9 other individuals. Your room will be furnished with a single bed and dresser equipped with a locked drawer to secure valuables. You are provided with bedding, a pillow and towel. You may also bring your own. The homes are located close to down town Lethbridge. Staff offices are located in one of the homes.


Staff support is available 24 hours daily. Staff visits the homes several times daily to provide support. Emergency numbers are posted in each house if needed.

House Meetings

Staff will facilitate a short weekly house meeting on Mondays where you will have the opportunity to voice concerns, suggest activities, plan meals, and review the weekly chores list. You are expected to attend these meetings.

Individual Service Plan (ISP)

#61(a) Oct. 2014 SASHA is funded in part by the Alberta Health Services and the United Way

Your Individual Service Plan (ISP) is based on the information received on your application, from talking with you and reviewing your needs with your treatment team. The staff will meet with you every three months to review your goals and update your ISP. Your responsibility is to participate in decision-making and the growth process. The staff is responsible to assist you in reaching your goals.


All staff, students, and volunteers sign a Statement of Confidentiality which ensures confidentiality of all information. To provide the best assistance possible, staff may discuss your situation with other SASHA staff. You will be asked to sign a ‘Consent to Collect and Disclose Personal Health Information’ so that we can share information about your stay at SASHA and the services provided with other health professionals and agencies that are involved in your care and treatment. This will ensure continuity of services. Confidentiality may have to be broken if the staff believes you are at significant risk to harm yourself or someone else, if there are concerns that a minor is being abused, or if the courts subpoena a client’s records.

When you receive health service of any kind, some personal information must be shared with your service provider so that the right care or treatment can be provided. The personal information you are asked to give is collected under the authority of the Health Information Act. If you have any question talk to the Executive Director.


You are responsible to take your own medications as prescribed. Medications, with the exceptions of PRNs, must be in a blister pack. Medication updates must be reported to staff. Old medications should be turned into staff for disposal at a pharmacy. Staff may assist you with medication management if you are having difficulty. Staff will assess your medication compliance once a week or more often if needed. 


You are responsible for your own spending money. SASHA recommends that you do not keep large amounts of cash in your room. You may request to have money in safekeeping with the staff. A schedule for withdrawals may be developed as part of your ISP to assist with money management. SASHA will not lend money to clients. Client lending/borrowing is strongly discouraged.

Personal Belongings

You are responsible for your own belongings. SASHA recommends you do not keep money or items of considerable value in your room. You may request to have them locked up. You are permitted 2 boxes of storage in your room and 2 boxes in SASHA storage. Your belongings shall be searched on admission for safety purposes. Your room may be searched if it is suspected that there is alcohol, an illegal substance, a dangerous object, or a weapon in your possession. A search is done with 2 staff in your presence; if not possible, with your knowledge. Use and safekeeping of personal exercise equipment is your responsibility.

Renters Insurance

You have the option to obtain renters insurance. Please speak to the staff for more information.

Family Involvement

You are encouraged to maintain contact with your family/significant others. SASHA staff will ask you during the admission process for your consent to collect and release information pertinent to the supports you are receiving at SASHA with your family members.

#61(a) Oct. 2014 SASHA is funded in part by the Alberta Health Services and the United Way


Visitors are welcome. They should remain with you while visiting. Guests for meals are permitted for special occasions. Please ask for staff approval. Roommates only are allowed in bedrooms. Intimate sexual relations with other clients or guests on the premises are not permitted. Visitors must leave by 9:00 p.m.

Personal Affairs

SASHA will work with your Trustee and/or Guardian representative, if you have one, to ensure processes are followed for making decisions. You are encouraged to inform staff if you have a personal directive or enduring power of attorney. There are a number of legal options to protect your interests. You can learn more about Guardianship, Trusteeship, and other decision making options on the government website: www.humanservices.alberta.ca.


You are expected to be up by 9 am on weekdays and 10 am on weekends. You are also expected to participate in daily programs. Evening and weekend activities may be offered by SASHA, based on client interest. You are expected to assist in the planning and attending of some of these activities.

Gift Giving

While it is understandable to want to show gratitude towards SASHA staff, staff are discouraged from accepting gifts from clients. Clients are encouraged to express gratitude in non-momentary ways such as a poem or drawing. Gifts valued under $10 may be received by staff as a group rather than individually. Our annual Christmas gift exchange (by drawing names) is an opportunity to give a small gift (under $10) to one staff or client at SASHA.


You are responsible to make and keep your own appointments. You are encouraged to inform the staff of any appointments so they can be posted for staff knowledge and to remind you. Staff are available to advocate for you if needed. Support for medical, dental, and eye appointments is also available.


You are required to properly complete your assigned chores daily. Chores are rotated between clients weekly, at house meetings. Staff may assist clients depending on individual need.


You are responsible to do your own laundry and will have a designated laundry day. Washers and dryers are located in each house and free of charge. Laundry soap and fabric softener is provided. If you have allergies you may bring your own supplies. Staff will provide reminders and assistance as needed.


You are on your own for breakfast and lunch. You will be assigned one supper meal each week to prepare for all clients of the house. Staff will help as needed. Supper is to be served no earlier than 5:00 pm. No cooking on the stove is permitted after 9:00 pm.


You are responsible to maintain good hygiene through daily self-care including showering, washing your hair with shampoo and body with soap, putting on clean clothes and using deodorant daily. Staff will provide reminders and any concerns will be addressed with you.

#61(a) Oct. 2014 SASHA is funded in part by the Alberta Health Services and the United Way


The house telephones are available for your use. Long distance calls in Canada are free of charge, and 1-800 calls may be made. Time restrictions may be applied as needed. You are responsible for appropriate telephone etiquette.


Each house has a computer which is provided and maintained by SASHA. We ask that clients respect these computers and report any problems with them to staff. Time limits may be set to ensure equal access. Please speak to staff if you would like to use your personal lap top or desk top computer.

Cell Phones

You are encouraged to have a cell phone for emergency purposes. You are responsible for care and expenses associated with the cell phone. We ask if your cell phone has video or recording capabilities that you respect others privacy. Taking pictures, filming or recording people without their consent will not be tolerated.


Each house has a communal television with basic cable. The television is not to be turned on before 4pm on weekdays unless other arrangements have been made with staff. Clients are expected to share the television and watch appropriate programming. Time restrictions may be applied as needed.  


Staff may transport you to appointments etc. to help you find your way or to accompany you, however the greatest level of independence is expected of you, including getting to your appointments. Staff will assist you in learning how to use public transportation.

You may have your own vehicle while living at SASHA. Parking in driveway at the houses is reserved for SASHA vehicles; however there is limited street parking available.


You must inform staff when you are leaving SASHA property and when you are planning to return. This is for safety purposes. If the staff are not available to speak with, please leave a message on the answering machine or leave a note on the notepad on the door of the staff office. Please include when you are leaving, where you are going and when you will return. If you are planning to be away for overnight please notify staff where you are going, your contact number and date of return. If you are absent for more than 24 hours we will call your family and/or friends to locate you. Further action may be taken based on the length of your absence and any concerns for your safety will be notified to the police. If you are gone for two weeks without notice you will be considered discharged from the program.


The houses are locked at all times. A security check is done every night. You will need to have your key with you at all times. There is a $6.00 deposit for your house key and drawer key, and each time you need a replacement key, you will pay another $3.00.


Emergency numbers are posted in your house and should be used as needed. Emergency procedures are reviewed regularly. Staff conducts monthly fire drills. Staff will respond and take appropriate action

#61(a) Oct. 2014 SASHA is funded in part by the Alberta Health Services and the United Way

in the case of an emergency or disaster.


There is no smoking permitted in any part of SASHA buildings. Smoking may be done in designated areas outside. You are responsible to clean up your own cigarette butts and garbage. SASHA supports smoking cessation and will assist you in finding a program that works for you. You are not permitted to borrow/lend cigarettes.

Alcohol and Drugs

You may not possess or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs while at SASHA and breaking this rule may be grounds for immediate discharge without a refund of service fees.


You are expected to act in a respectful manner to staff, clients and visitors and not to put yourself or others at risk. Any disruptive or aggressive behaviour toward yourself or others will not be tolerated and may be grounds for immediate eviction without refund of service fees. If you are having feelings to harm yourself or others you are required to talk to the staff.

Bed Bugs

Your belongings will be searched for bed bugs upon intake. Staff will conduct regular bed bugs checks and provide you with bed bug education to ensure there is no bed bugs.


Should you have a concern or complaint with respect to the services provided, speak with the Team Lead. If you feel that this fails to address the concern, speak with the Executive Director of SASHA. Should that fail to address your concern or complaint, any Board Member may be contacted. Protection of Persons in Care information and reporting line 1-888-357-9339.

Leaving SASHA

Upon leaving the residential program at SASHA, you are responsible to clean your room, including stripping the bed, washing the bedding, vacuuming and removing any garbage from the room. At that time your house key and dresser key are to be returned and you will be refunded your key deposit. You will need to change your mailing address and complete an exit interview with staff. Any items left in your room or in storage for longer than one month after you have left will be discarded.

House A

1239 5th Avenue South,  

Lethbridge, AB T1J 0V6

(403) 327-6375

House B

1235 5th Avenue South,

Lethbridge, AB T1J 0V6

(403) 328-7900

House C

1256 6th Avenue South,

Lethbridge, AB T1J 1A4

(403) 327-1604

1239 – 5th Avenue South, Lethbridge, AB T1J 0V6

Fax: (403) 942-2266




Lindsey Richardson, BHSc Addictions Counselling

Team Lead

Phone: 403-942-2264




#61(a) Oct. 2014 SASHA is funded in part by the Alberta Health Services and the United Way